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  • Gasometer
    The Triple Colosseum of Prenzlauer Berg

    When the decision to build Ernst Thälmann Park was made in 1981, things were starting to simmer in the capital of the GDR. Resistance developed against the planned demolition of the former gasworks.

  • The coal palm
    Vineyards – gasworks – Thälmannpark

    Short detour to the actual industrial age. The history of the “IV Berlin Gas Facility” in the district of Prenzlauer Berg, where vineyards and windmills had once stood.

  • Flake
    Growing up and everyday life in Prenzlauer Berg

    Black snow in summer. Seen through a child’s eyes, it’s just as beautiful falling from the sky as the white flakes in winter. The black snow was emitted by the gasworks.

  • Prologue


    The wrecking balls had grown weary. After the fall of the Wall, they had razed so many heroes of socialism. In 1993, Thälmann was due to be removed as well.