I spy with my little eye


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Today, he would probably reach for his smartphone, put on a cool look and post a selfie. In 1986, he was surrounded by celebrants and flag-wavers; the boy with blond curls under his pioneer cap gazes sceptically into the state-owned television cameras.

Inauguration of Ernst Thälmann Park. Hands are raised in greeting in the square and on the balconies of the new high-rise buildings. An army of little waving cats; though none look very jolly or cheerful.

The grey old men on stage were equally grim and stately. The Soviet sculptor had been chosen by the Chairman of the State Council in person. Demonstratively, the president of the GDR Artists’ Association was absent from the ceremony. Unveiling of the monument. “Thank you so much, dear Comrade Honecker” one banner proclaims. Now he pulls the cord. Three more years until the fall of the Wall.

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